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What should I wear?

There is no dress code: some people wear suits and others jeans and T-shirts.


What should I bring?

You don't need to bring anything – except yourself!

What happens when I walk in the door?

We are generally quite a friendly bunch so you will be welcomed immediately you walk in the door. At Annan: St. Andrew's the real social stuff happens after the service over some light refreshments – please stay with us and give us the chance to get to know you, even if you are only visiting. There is no seating allocation, apart from the door stewards, so please grab a seat wherever you feel most comfortable.


Can I bring my family?

Young and old are most welcome, if you have young children at Annan: St. Andrew's they are welcome to attend the seperate activities in the hall. For young children we have FAitH and for eight year old to teens, cusundays. We all join together for the final 15 minutes of worship in the church.


What happens during the service?

Morning Worship includes songs, prayers, bible readings and a message.

At Annan: St. Andrew's the young people who have been undertaking seperate activities in the hall join for the final 15 minutes which includes a short children's talk and prayer.

What is the music like?

Singing is something Christians do as part of their worship of God. Through singing we aim to adore, exult and celebrate all that God is, all that He has done and all that He will do. The music is a mixture of modern worship songs and classic hymns – in an attempt to reflect the rich diversity of people and tastes inherent within our church  – but please don't feel embarrassed if you don't want to sing.

What is the teaching like?

The teaching is uncompromisingly biblical, and you will almost certainly feel challenged. I'm sure you know people who think the Bible is a largely irrelevant and from a bygone era, that it is out of touch with contemporary life and culture. On the contrary, the Bible is our highest authority for faith and life. We believe that, even today, God speaks to believers through His Word. It has a lot to say about contemporary issues and can greatly benefit both us as individuals and our society as a whole.

What about prayer?

We are convinced that God still hears prayers and that things change when God's people pray. Please give us the opportunity to pray for you, whatever your situation. If you would like someone to pray with you or just to know that someone is praying for you please contact us.

Should I contribute to the offering?

As part of our worship service the offering plate is passed around. As Christians we believe that all we have comes from God, and we also believe that how we use our money reflects the state of our hearts. Financial giving, then, is an act of worship – our response to what God has done for us. If you are a visitor please do not feel embarrassed to pass on the plate without contributing.

When do we meet?

Sundays 10.00am

in Brydekirk Parish Church

High Street


Sundays 11.15am

in St. Andrew's Parish Church

Bank Street


Check the Calendar or latest weekly Order of Service in our Downloads page for meeting information.

Sunday Morning Worship

Brydekirk - 10.00am

Annan: St. Andrew's - 11.15am

Sunday at 6.30

Annan: St. Andrew's - 6.30pm

(Check weekly Order of Service in Downloads)


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Sunday Altogether (SAlt)

Annan: St. Andrew's - 11.15am

first Sunday of the month

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